Katy Wallace

Katy's Passion is Dance and has been since the young age of 3 when she began Ballet & Tap lessons! 
Since then Katy has performed and experieneced the world of dance for over 25 years. 
At the age of 16, Katy formely left school and began her education in the Arts. She completed her Higher National Diplomas in Dance for 2 years in Dublin, went on to study Dance in the UK where she receieved a Bachelor of Honours degree at 21 years old. 

She has futher developed her practice by qualifiying in Ballet teaching with the international Dance Teacher Association, attained a qualification in Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) and obtained Acrobatic Arts. She is currently studying for 3 more dance teaching qualifications and hopes to obtain her Masters in Dance Education. 

Katy founded the school in 2014 and set up with just a handful of  students signed up on the first morning! Her passion is teaching and seeing children gain in confidence and self belief. 
"Believe you can, and you're half way there" - Is her daily motto!
Katy teaches the dance & gymnastics branch at DAPA and looks forward to a busy year all round. 


Sonya Cuddy

Sonya started her drama career at the age of nine with The Leinster School of Music and Drama. She completed her Senior Advanced in 2012 and attained her Certificate in Drama and Arts Education and Licentiate diploma in 2017. Sonya also has a huge background in Hip hop dancing, competing with Fitkids Fitteens and Streets Ahead to name but a few. Since 2017, Sonya has been running Speak Out Drama Lessons in Portlaoise and Birr submitting students for annual examinations in speech and drama and solo acting with LSMD and Irish Board with her students receiving First Class Honours and Distinctions. Sonya has been involved with Portlaoise and Tullamore musical societies since 2013 portraying many roles with them as well as committee duties with Portlaoise. Sonya loves nothing more than to see her students take on a character and nail it. Sonya's mission is to create opportunities for her students and hopes that she can pass on her love and passion for all things drama.


Lea Carroll