Footwear for your dancer!

For Ballet, Tap and Jazz 

Footwear requirements at DAPA: (Website linked to the left to purchase). 

Ballet Students: Full sole Leather ballet shoes (all ages under 11) OR Split sole Leather Ballet shoes for Ages 12+
Colour: must be in a pink colour

Modern Jazz: Black Jazz shoes

Gymnastics: Bare foot is fine

Tap Students: Tap shoes are required in Black. 

Drama/Musical Theatre: Jazz shoes are required 

Cheerleading Students: White Jazz shoes or Cheer runner shoes. Google Cheer Shoes for cheerleading. WHITE ONLY FOR CHEER CLASS. 

Pointe shoes:
(Only after a strict assessment and recommendation should pointe shoes be bought/worn by students) - These must be professionally fitted at Dance World, Parnell St, Dublin. Students wishing to progress onto pointe will have to pass an assessment test, attend ballet regularly, have required strength and balance elements and may need to attend a doctor/physio beforehand to assess their eligibility.