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"You've got what it takes, but it will take everything you've got!"

Competition Teams

For 2021/22, We offer three main teams in Thurles as stated below; Petites, Proteges and Prestige Teams. (Students must have reached a certain level to attend the main teams in Thurles). 

Beginner? For anyone who wishes to attend competitions as a beginner/novice of competitions, we have training in each town: Tipperary Town on Thursdays, Cashel on Mondays and Thurles on Saturdays. These are open to all and information can be found in our timetable section. 

Petites (Ages 4-8)

Students are welcome from Age 4 to join our Petities program. Children train in groups of 5-10 students in all styles and acrobatics towards dance and acro competitions in Ireland. 

Students will be selected to perform in group routines, duets, trios, quads and may have the opportunity to perform solos. 

Generally, Children must attend a group Comp class once a week at this level alongside Ballet and another subject of choice in DAPA. 

We recommend attending lessons 3 times a week including their once a week competition team session. 

No experience needed however a strong emphasis on weekly commitment and attendance is vital to being a member. 

Training is provided at our Studios in Thurles. 

If you are interested, please contact us and we can discuss further. 

Proteges (Ages 9-12)

Students are welcome from Age 9 to 12 years to Join our Proteges Programme. Dancers train across all dance styles as a group twice a week at our studios in Thurles. 

Dancers will be put forward to compete in solos, duets, trios, quads and groups at the strict discretion of the teacher. 

Students are placed with partners for duets, trios etc based on their ability and age. 

A strong focus of dedication and commitment every week is vital to being a Competition member. 

It is required that students attend Ballet lessons for a strong technical foundation. 

An assessment will be required before we can offer a place and generally, students will need to have reached a certain level to join. 

Prestige (Ages 13+)

Our highest level of Competiton level, we accept dancers from the age of 13 (12 if deemed eligible) who will train in all styles of dance and gymnastics. 

Students are entered into competitions as Solos, duets, trios, quads and squads at the strict guidance of the teacher. 


Prestige students are required to attend the Grade 4 Ballet with us. This is to ensure a full training of dance technique and fundamental foundations are reached in order to progress well and stand a better chance of placing higher at competitions. 

We train 2-3 times per week at our studios in Thurles. 

For full information, please contact us and we will be happy to help. 

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