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Jellybean (Ages 5-7 Years)

JellyBean Acrobatic Arts Acro & Gymnastics (Ages 5-7):  Students will learn basic tumbling skills as well as skills that will focus on improving balance, flexibility, and strength. Skills of focus include Rolls, Pre-cartwheel, Somersault, Gallops, Bridge, Donkey kick, L handstand, Skipping and more. Students will avail of training in flexibility, coordination and strengthening for Acro & Gymnastics. 

Jellybean Modern Jazz & Tap (Ages 5-7):  Students will be taught routines, work towards shows and performances, develop flexibility, musicality and rhythm. Our Classes follow the early grades of IDTA Modern Jazz & IDTA Tap. Classes will incorporate Lyrical and Contemporary too. 

Students have the option to enter examinations in either Modern Jazz and/or Tap. (See Exam section for details). 

Preparatory Grade Ballet (Ages 5-7): Following IDTA Syllabus, Students will be taught the fundamentals of classical ballet, technique, alignment, posture, balance, turnout and work towards set examinations (Optional) with either IDTA or Irish Board of Dance Performance. Our Ballet lessons are catered for all levels and we encourage everyone to partake in examinations that are very inclusive of all abilities. Students work towards shows and performances throughout the year. (See Exam Section for details). 

JellyBean Performers ACT (Speech & Drama Ages 5-7): 


The 4 Cs - Confidence, Concentration, Communication & Coordination 

Our Drama and Musical Theatre programs will help students to develop skills in everything Drama!

Specially devised lessons including scripts, story-telling, character exploration and role-based improvisation to name just a few elements of our Jellybean Program!

Boys and girls will be given the chance to take Examinations in Speech & Drama alongside an annual performance! (See Exam Section for Details). 

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