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About us

DAPA is focused on achieving exceptional standards of dance. We believe in nurturing creativity and artistic development, and offering a warm and positive environment that all students can thrive in.

Our school established in 2014 aims to bring enjoyable and memorable experiences through the performing arts o young people of Tipperary. 


We have programs suitable for children of all ages and levels across a broad range of Dance styles, Speech and Drama and Gymnastics.

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Classes & Ages

All about our Dance, Gymnastics and Drama Programs
At DAPA, We offer classes to children of a range of ages and levels. 

From Ballet to Tap, Modern Jazz to Gymnastics, Drama to Musical Theatre, we have it all and take a look through the drop-down boxes to find your child's age group!

We have

Marshmallow (Ages 3-4)
JellyBeans (Ages 5-7)
Bubblegum (Ages 8-11)
Teen / Seniors (Ages 12-18)

We also have 3 Competition Teams in Cashel, Thurles and Tipperary Town who train weekly with added rehearsals for competitions. See Competition Team in the Dropdown box in the Classes & Ages section. This year we have a maximum of 10 dancers in each team. 

We hold our classes in Cashel, Thurles and Tipperary Town. 
View full information in the dropdown boxes according to age group. 


We serve three communities across County Tipperary; 
Tipperary Town 

We have our own Premisis in Thurles on O Donovan Rossa Street and run classes from several schools and halls in Tipperary. 



Timetable 2021/22

Term Dates: Please find below our term dates for each town/day. We have 3 terms of 10 weeks per academic year. Below you see the dates for Term one. Class times are available below this information. 

Term One: September to December 2021

10 Week Term
Cashel Mondays:
Monday 6th Sept - Monday 15th November ( We may schedule a short term after this of 4 weeks to run up until christmas or used or show rehearsals). 
(Includes being off Mid Term Break from 25th-29th October Halloween) 

Thurles Tuesdays:
Tuesday 7th September - Tuesday 16th November 2021

Cashel  & Thurles Wednesdays: 
Wednesday 8th September - Wednesday 17th November
(Includes being of Mid Term Break from 25th-29th October Halloween)

Tipperary Town Thursdays:
Thursday 9th September - Thursday 18th November 
(Includes being off Mid Term Break from 25th-29th Oct Halloween) 

Thurles Saturdays: 
Saturday 11th September - Saturday 20th November 
(Includes being off Mid Term Break from 25th-29th Oct Halloween)

Click on the towns for PDF Download of Timetable. Classes may be added during summer. 



Miss Katy Wallace - Principle


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