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Dance Examinations


Examinations are held bi-yearly in the following styles of dance; 

  • Ballet

  • Modern Jazz 

  • Tap 

  • Acro

  • Freestyle

Students will be selected to either enter RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) or the Irish Board of Dance Performance. 

All Examining bodies are inclusive of ability, age, and gender. 

Normally examinations take place at the end of an academic year in May/June after a 3 term period of learning the required syllabus and perfecting it. 

We enter students into examinations in Dance from the young age of 3 right up to adulthood. 

Examinations are optional for all students however we feel exams bring focus to a student's journey and give back an award for their hard work and dedication to their chosen style. 

Our teachers will guide your child through the right path for examinations to ensure a positive experience and high-level results. 

Speech & Drama/ Musical Theatre Examinations


Speech and Drama or Musical Theatre Examinations are now being offered at DAPA. Students can be entered from age of 4. 

As stated on the website, Irish Board says, "The Irish Board of Speech and Drama Grade Examinations syllabus encourages a process of progressive learning from an early age, with each grade signifying an increase in skill and achievement." 

There are a variety of examinations in this field for students. Our Drama Coach, Miss Sonya will take your child through every step to ensure the best result and experience. 

Examinations normally take place at the end of an academic year with some exceptions. 

For full details on the Speech and Drama Examinations, Please see the website below and Examination Fees. 

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